Companies will be able to order tests for their employees, who will then administer the test themselves at home under the direction and supervision of a medical professional who will be present via Zoom. Alternatively, a site first aider can be trained and supervised to carry out the same with the tests being carried out on site.

The aim is for businesses to understand who in their workforce tests either positive or negative, or has previously had the virus (Covid-19 antibodies are present).

The finger prick test has been designed in close consultation with regulatory lawyers and the General Medical Council, as well as the Government’s Medical & Health products Regulatory Authority.

Peter Mahoney, founder of Beacon Wellness (pictured), said: “I started Beacon Wellness when I saw construction workers at my affordable housing development in Brent sent home at the start of lockdown. Short of a vaccine or cure, I knew the only way they and other workers around the UK - not just in construction or manufacturing but across the economy - could return to work safely would be through frequent mass testing.

“I realised that testing at the workplace would be difficult because of social distancing, whilst unsupervised testing at home is dangerous. I’ve spent the last few weeks developing a ‘telehealth’ service that allows medical professionals to direct and supervise tests being taken and then confirm the results, over Zoom.

“The technology platform reports instantly the results to the employer and any positive identified cases to PHE. The system also feeds directly into the NHS’ symptoms tracker.

“Our medical professionals are mainly drawn from those who are not working due to cancelled health procedures or who are self-isolating. It’s a safe and creative plan that will give peace of mind to employers and employees alike, while still using the skills of those medical professionals who want to keep helping during this national emergency.

“We should get up to 100,000 tests per week with over 99.8% accuracy, thanks to our German devices manufacturer”.

Home testing that is unsupervised is unlawful in England. What makes this service unique is the supervision of the test by a medical professional over Zoom. Beacon Wellness is using the rise of Zoom as the new normal to make testing more convenient, more efficient, and safer.At the same time, it is providing additional work for medical professionals who are self-isolating or on leave.