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  1. Features List

    Our latest reader survey demonstrates that Manufacturing Management delivers relevant, useful and unique content and is the preferred magazine for manufacturing managers.

    92% of our readers rate the content in MM as either ‘good’ or ‘excellent’

    90% of our readers would choose MM if they could only read one industry title

    84% of our readers spend an hour reading their copy of MM

    100% of our readers say MM is relevant to their role as a manufacturing manager

    Materials Handling Development Health & Safety Operations The Future of Manufacturing Sustainability Special features Events
    January International Trade Management Employee Welfare Maintenance Cyber Security Energy
    February Forklift Trucks Training & Skills PPE Automation Recyling & Waste Management Technology In Manufacturing Made UK 2020 Conference
    March Warehousing Health & Safety Maintenance Smart Factory Energy
    April Materials Handling Apprenticeships Employee Welfare Leon/CI Industry 4.0 Renewables SMAS 2020 Conference
    May FLT Market Report Training & Skills Legislation R&D Recyling & Waste Management Technology In Manufacturing MMS Show Preview
    June Leadership PPE Maintenance Automation Energy
    July/Aug Forklift Trucks Apprenticeships Employee Welfare R&D Smart Factory
    September FLT Technologies Upskilling Site Safety Recycling & Waste Management Technology In Manufacturing
    October Forklift Trucks Management Maintenance Cyber Security Recycling & Waste Management Advanced Engineering
    Nov/Dec Materials Handling Training & Skills Employee Welfare R&D Automation Energy Technology in Manfacturing

    Download a pdf version of the Manufacturing Management features list here.

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